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  • Little Cypress-Mauriceville C.I.S.D. High School - Orange, TX.
  • Mauriceville Elementary School Additions & Renovations - Orange, TX.
  • Mauriceville Middle School Additions & Renovations - Orange, TX.
  • Houston Gateway Academy - Houston, TX.
  • Tropical Texas Behavioral Health - Weslaco, TX.
  • S.T.C. Health Professions & Science Building - Weslaco, TX.
  • S.T.C. Student Servcices Building Expansion - Weslaco, TX.
  • S.T.C. Library Expansion and Renovations - Weslaco, TX.
  • Luckey Ranch Elementary School - Castroville, TX.
  • New Intermediate School Navarro I.S.D. - Seguin, TX.
  • Cameron County Building 835 E. Levee - Brownsville, TX.
  • A.A.E. Manufacturing is dedicated to Providing Quality Products delivered on a timely basis. We are commited to being up to the industry's Highest Standards by providing knowledgeable, courteous service. A.A.E. Manufacturing is content that through continued hard work and dedication to our clients, we will remain to be a well-acknowledged andwell-respected Sub-Contractor.A.A.E. Manufacturing looks forward to building new and remarkable working relationships.

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